About us

The BeautyFeel family of products is the result of a long-lasting research, development and tests which were made in cooperation with the most experienced specialists in the injection field. BeautyFeel was created to satisfy the needs of high demanding customers, to cater those who are used to the best. With the lowest level of endotoxin and unreacted BDDE BeautyFeel appears to be one of the most safe fillers on the market.

BeautyFeel offers the doctor a reliable filler with high viscosity and optimal elasticity to achieve natural and personalized results. Modern trend in injecting techniques is no more just to fill wrinkles or increase volume but to re- design face as a sculptor; to reconstruct youth by adding lost volume keeping shapes and forms in natural harmony and balance. BeautyFeel is a perfect tool in doctors’ hands to achieve this objective thanks to its homogeneous and smooth structure which provides comfort and better control during injection.

The quality of BeautyFeel has been confirmed by CE certificate, Full quality Assurance system (Annex II of Directive 93/42/EEC) and ISO 13485.